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Identity Theft

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Why Protect Yorself From Identity Theft

In the past few years ID theft has risen to become the fastest growing crime in the country. As the crime rate for this offense increases, so does your chance of it happening to you. As of 2003 over 11.8 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft and that number continues to rise. DON’T let it happen to you!

Many people believe that they will not become a casualty of ID theft, until it is too late. A common response is “it will never happen to me”. But, if it does there are major ordeals you must go through to clear your name and credit. An example would be, say you moved to a new home and not all of your mail is forwarded to your new address. A blank check is sent to you from your credit card company to make a money transfer. Very easily the person who gets hold of the mail can begin cashing the check all around town. You bring in the mail and begin sifting through and discard the junk mail. After throwing away the pre-approved credit card offer you take out the trash. The next day a new credit card account is opened in your name with the credit card you had just thrown away the prior day.

These types of situations appear everyday across the country. It is important for individuals to take the precautions to stop ID theft from happening to them. That is why we at have provided you with helpful tips and answers to preventing these crimes from happening to the innocent. Take a few minutes to read through our web page, it may save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your time in the long run.


The best way to get started protecting yourself from id thieves is to apply for a free identity theft protection quote. For just a few minutes of your time you will learn what options you have to preventing someone from taken your identity. Don't risk losing thousands of dollars!